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Is There No Such Thing as Bad Publicity?

How to Manage Positive and Negative Online Reputation

Wherever people gather, whether online or off, tales about companies, products, and services get passed around. In this age of global interconnections and consumers rising in all markets to the role of influencer, reputation management has become an essential component to success. Word of mouth advertising is a powerful thing, but it will never do your company any good if the word that's being shared is not the message you want to make.

Bad press or negative publicity has long been considered helpful to building a company's reputation by simply getting the word out and making it a household name. With online platform building, search engine optimization, marketing methods, and social media communities, making your company known is easier than ever.

Managing its reputation on all fronts is much less simple. In this world of three-second decisions and instant gratification, the light that shines on your business must put all of its best features on view.

What is Reputation Management?

Every time a consumer mentions your company name, the services it provides, or its products, it builds your reputation. If that person disliked the product or thought your customer service was inattentive, they will tell their friends, family, and colleagues and your company's reputation ticks downward. If they loved everything about the transaction, the people they socialize with will hear about it and will be more likely to join your list of customers or clients.

All of this seems pretty much out of your hands, but two things can make both the bad and good publicity turn into a positive for your company.

1 – Proactive Reputation Building


Brand recognition is the first step toward building a positive reputation. If no one knows about your company, they cannot have an opinion of it. Get listed in both global and local directories where reviews and ratings are allowed. Gear your marketing efforts toward relationship building and customer service. Always deliver more than expected in a friendly yet professional manner.

When your company gets a positive mention anywhere online, follow up with a quick comment thanking the person for it and adding a bit of extra information that shows you genuinely care about the impression people have of your company.


2 – Professional Response to Dissatisfaction


Negative comments or reviews should also receive a quick response. Never fall prey to defensive feelings or engage consumers in a battle of negativity. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight excellent customer service skills. Apologizing for the problem and offering a solution may do more to improve your brand reputation than anything else. If handled properly, bad publicity can turn out to be good.

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Companies who know when complaints happen and respond to them appropriately can still cause a reputation gain in the consumer market. Tracking and analyzing data keeps you informed so you can act quickly.

With the shift of influence from spokespeople and experts to social media friends and other consumers, companies must court positive attention wherever it occurs. The right road toward success is laid partially atop the ongoing and dynamic reputation your company maintains and the dedication to manage it wisely and professionally whether it begins as praise or a complaint.

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The foundation of a successful Reputation Management campaign is an in-depth evaluation of your circumstances and objectives. Each of our services can be used separately depending on your needs and targets.

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